Rococo Hair Conversion

Another request ready, I hope you enjoy! I made several attempts to convert this hair, I had to make some adjustments to fit the Sims 4 style, the accessory has some transparency issues, sorry but I could not fix it =( This is a set, hair and accessory, are separated  so you can choose to download only one. Accessory is available in casual, formal and party in the glasses category,…

Rococo Hat

Another request ready, I hope you like! =) It is available in casual, formal and party male and female(teen to elder) 5 options. Available for the base game. Please leave a comment. =) (more…)

Rococo Clothes for Man

I have received a request to make rococo clothes I decided to make this set which is a coat and pants, are separated  so you can choose to download only one. I hope you enjoy! =) Is available in casual, formal and party with 5 options (teen to elder). Please leave a comment. =) (more…)

Vampire Gown Conversion

Another conversion, I love this dress, I had already converted to the "Sims 3" and now is also available in "Sims4" It is available in casual, party and formal (teen to elder) 7 colors, the gloves are in the accessories section only available in black. I hope you enjoy! =) (more…)