Hijab for Girls

Hijab for Girls

I made this for women and received several  requests to convert it for the girls I hope you enjoy!

It is available in casual, formal and party 10 options.

You may find some problems in certain poses, I made several attempts to fix that but I did not succeed, sorry.

Available for the base game.

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Adult version HERE

Custom Content in Model:

Innocent Eyes

Mia Skin Overlay

Skin Tones Glow Edition by Kijiko

Natural Lipstick for Girls


Polygon Counts:

1794 polygons


CmarNYC for  TS4 Mesh Tools

The Sims 4 Studio

Thanks to the creators of the custom content that I used in my model

Please give me credit with a link when using my stuff.

For more information see my policy

Download and Install Instructions:

First Download, click the download link and save the package file to your computer.

Final, cut and paste the file into your Mods folder, Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

8 thoughts on “Hijab for Girls

  1. This makes me sick. Hijabs are made to cover up women’s hair, and if they don’t wear them, they can be KILLED. Hijabs are disgusting and oppressive. It’s good you want to be inclusive or whatever, I suppose, but supporting hijabs and an oppressive religion is harmful.

    1. Thank you for leaving your opinion.
      I have received many requests to do this and for me it is just a piece of clothing nothing more 🙂

    2. Islamophobes like you make me sick. Here in the west the grand majority if women wear it by their own choice, because they want to. God forbid Muslim women want to play a family that looks like theirs.

    3. @An Egalitarian,

      I’m glad someone said it, then you have morons like “icequeen” who are complete idiots who like to think Islam is the “religion of peace”. Which is hilarious considering the fact that you just told her that the vast majority of women in Muslim countries are forced to wear the burka and the hijab, and the punishment for not wearing it is death. Yet the dumb lass has the audacity to claim that the women in said countries wear it voluntarily, that’s just sad.

      1. @IslamIsTheReligionofPieces, An Egalitarian

        I have to say my piece cause I mean really?

        If you two are so offended by a piece of cultural clothing why on heavens earth would you comment? Oh right because Trolls love to stir the pot. News flash, if any player likes their game to be more Multicultural then why should you care? Your clearly not downloading it and that’s okay too. I love the idea of having the family next door being just a little different from The Caliente family for instance. this provides a great storytelling tool

        To sum this up, If you don’t like it don’t download it.

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